Customers - Child Companies

Setting the Parent Company field to Yes on a companies edit page will designate it as a Parent Company. The option to add Child Companies will then become available on the selected companies edit page.

Adding Child Companies

Step     Action  

  1.      Select {New} under Child Companies. An Add Companies modal window 

          will open.

  2.        Select customers by checking boxes on the left-hand side. Check box above 

             Customer column to select all customers. 


             Note: A company can only be added as a Child Company if it has not been 

          designated as a Parent Company in it's General information.

  3.       Select {Add}. A results window will pop-up to indicate the child customers 

          successfully added to the parent.

  4.        Select X to close pop-up results window.

Removing Child Companies

Step     Action

  1.       Select entries under Child Companies to be removed by checking boxes on 

          the left-hand side. All entries can be removed by checking box to left of 

         {New} under Child Companies.

  2.      Select {Delete}. A window will pop-up to confirm selected items to be 


  3.       Select {OK} to delete selected items. A results window will pop-up to 

          indicate the Child Company has been removed.

  4.       Select X to close pop-up results window.