Adding the Master PDF to your Template Assets

After you've entered your new template name on the previous page you are brought to the page you see below that is the Template Assets Page. This is where you will load the Master PDF you created earlier. Fonts and images that will be needed in the template itself will also be added here (we discuss those options in the following chapters). 

Uploading the Master PDF:

To upload a new Master PDF, click the Select button to locate the PDF on your computer. Then click the "Upload Master" button.


Please remember that field names on the Master PDF should only contain letters a-z; with no spaces, numbers or special characters. Duplicated field names are also not allowed. 

If you receive an error at this point of the process, please open up your PDF and make sure your naming is correct. This is a very common mistake when first learning the Online Template Builder.


If you receive the following error after uploading your Master PDF on the asset screen in the Builder admin, you need to open up your Master PDF and make sure none of your form fields only have letters A-Z and that there are no spaces or duplicate names. This means no numbers, no special characters.


"Unfortunately an error has occurred. Please make sure your field names contain only letters (A-Z or a-z) and that there are no duplicate fields." 


Downloading the Master PDF:

After a master PDF has been uploaded to a template, you can always download it from the Assets area. You will see a first-page preview of the master PDF, with a "Download" button underneath it. Simply click that button to begin downloading your current master PDF.

TIP: If you return to this asset area later and re-upload a new Master PDF you will need to "Commit Changes" before the new master will be recognized by Online Template Builder. To do this you need to select the link at the top/right for "Field Setup" where you will see a commit button at the top of the page.




My template displays as a blank "tempImage" on the main Admin page, what's wrong?


Either you have not yet loaded a Master PDF, or if you have, you have not yet clicked the "Commit Changes" button in the Field Setup area.


Continue to the next chapter to read about loading fonts and images.


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