Setting the unique rules for each of your template fields

Once you've set up the fields on your master PDF, created your new template and have added your template assets, you are ready to set the unique rules for each of your template fields. You can access the Field setup area either from the main Templates Tab by choosing the pencil icon "edit" from beneath your template preview image, or from your Assets page if you are already editing your particular template.


When you first enter this screen, the field names you set up on your master PDF will be shown on each bar and will be in alphabetical order. This will be the same order that your customer will be prompted to complete their variable information. So, if you want to ask for the Customers Name followed by their Business Title, you will want to re-arrange the order in which each of these fields are shown. You can change the order by simply clicking and dragging a field into a new position. When you are done arranging the fields make sure to click on the "Commit Changes" button at the top of the page to save your changes.

Image above: Dragging fields into an order this way directly affects the order in which the end user will be prompted for information to fill these fields.

Every field starts in a "collapsed" state, where nothing more is seen than the field name. You can expand one or more fields by double-clicking them, or by clicking the little down arrow icon at the far right of the field, or by clicking the "Expand All" link to expand all the fields.

An expanded field should look like this:

It can be collapsed again by double-clicking the header, or by clicking the little up arrow icon at the far right, or by clicking the "Collapse all" link to collapse all fields.At the left of the expanded field area is a preview of the page of the document on which this field appears, with a red box showing the area the field occupies. As you set the rules for each of these fields you will need to click on the "Save" button found below the preview image. This will save the changes you have made to the different areas you see to the right of the preview image (Field Type, Data Capture, Format, etc.). The Cancel button will discard those changes to the last saved state.

After you have saved your individual fields you must click on the "Commit Changes" button at the top of the Field Setup page in order for all the saved changes you have made to be committed to the template itself.

Interactive Designer Note: The screenshots above were taken from a template using the Forms Based, your tab options will be different when using the Interactive Designer version.

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