Response Sets 

Response Sets allow you to create a predefined set of responses for field entries that are common to a specific theme, location or category. For example, business cards for a corporate branch office in Chicago may have a common set of field entries for address, main phone and fax number; while the Los Angeles office will have a different set of entries. These sets may be defined by their common attribute, the branch office city, and created as a Response Set to simplify data entry. When your user chooses one of the response sets, any information that you have pre-defined in this area will be filled into the template.


Note: Response sets are not available for use in Interactive Designer templates.



To Create Response Sets 

The Response Sets Window contains a field titled Response Set Name. (Response set names are what will be displayed in a drop-down menu for your user to select.) Type in the name of the data set that you want to create, and click the “Add Set” button.


Use the Response Set Prompt box at the top of the page to enter text that will display to your customers prompting them to select a response set. For example, "Select Your Region." Click "Save Prompt" after you've entered your text.


In our example (above) of the Chicago office and Los Angeles office, we might name one of the sets “Chicago.” After “Add Set” is clicked, the screen will refresh and available fields will be displayed. Enter any data that you want to be pre-filled once a user selects this response set. If you do not want a field to be pre-filled, uncheck the box next to it to exclude it from the response set. The field checkboxes are independent from response set to response set. For example, if you wanted a fax number pre-filled for the Chicago office but not for the Los Angeles office, you would uncheck the box next to the fax field for the Los Angeles response set. As long as the Chicago response set still had a checkbox next to the fax field, it would be pre-filled, while the Los Angeles fax field would not.


Click the “Save Changes” button after making entries, then repeat the procedure if you need more response sets.

When you have completed entering and saving all the response sets you need, click “Commit Changes” at the top of the page.


To Edit a Response Set 

To edit an existing response set, make any changes you need, then click "Save Changes" for that response set. Click "Commit Changes" at the top of the page when you are finished.


To Delete a Response Set 

To delete a response set, select it from the "Select Set" drop-down menu in the Delete Response Set area at the top of the page. Then click "Delete." Click "Commit Changes" when you are finished.



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