Admin Tab

Online Template Builder's Admin tab contains management tools for three types of settings:

• Categories

• User Management

• Fotolia Credentials


The top portion of the Administration screen contains a field for creating template categories. Template categories can help you find templates in the main Templates tab. You can select a category from the View Templates drop-down menu in the Templates tab to quickly see only templates assigned to that category.


To create a category, enter a category name and click "Create."


To delete a category, select it from the Delete drop-down menu. Select a different category from the Reassign To drop-down menu; any template assigned to the category you're deleting will be assigned to the category to select from this menu. Click "Delete."


Categories that are created in this tab may be assigned to individual templates by going to a template's Template Info area and selecting the category from the "Category" drop-down menu.


User Management 

Use this area to add and delete users from your Online Template Builder account, as well as control the permissions each account has.


To add a new user, select "- Add a new user -" from the User drop-down menu. Enter the new user's First Name, Last Name, Email (does not need to be a valid email address - can be a username instead), and Password. Select one of the three permission levels for the user:

• Can see/edit only own templates: Users at this level will see only those templates created under their login, or assigned to them under the "Owned By" drop-down field in a template's Template Info area.

• Can see/edit all templates: Users at this level are able to access, edit and delete any template on the account, but cannot make changes to the administrative settings.

• Can see/edit all templates, reassign owner, and manage users: This permission level allows full editing and administrative privileges for the user. Users at this level can see/edit/delete all templates on the account, assign templates from one user account to another, and create/edit/delete users.

Click "Save User" when you've entered all the information.


To edit an existing user, select the user from the User drop-down menu. Make any necessary changes and click "Save User."


To delete an existing user, select the user from the “Delete this user:” drop-down menu, selecting a user to reassign their templates to, and click "Delete User."

Note: The primary administrator of your Online Template Builder account cannot be edited or deleted in this area.

Fotolia Credentials 

If you integrate your Online Template Builder account and Fotolia account, then you can offer Fotolia stock images to your customers in Interactive Designer templates. Use this area to configure your Fotolia integration. Enter your Fotolia account’s API Key, Username, and Password. Also select your licensing type: Standard or Extended. Standard image licenses are charged per image usage. Extended image licenses allow re-use but are more expensive. When your customer uses a Fotolia image, Online Template Builder will check to see if your account has already purchased an extended licence for an image before purchasing the image again.  After entering your credentials, click "Save."

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