Repeating Fields

The Repeating Fields function is offered under the Field Setup > Formatting Tab for Forms Based Online Template Builder templates only. The purpose of this feature is to allow the end user to upload an image, logo, or enter text that will repeat over a series of document pages, while taking on the same properties as the original upload.  

The Acrobat PDF template is created using standard procedures for the first page of the document. All subsequent pages will display a repeating field without a form field or any reference to the original page.

Click on the drop down box labeled "Repeat Field." Your options are:  

• Do not repeat (default setting)

• Repeat on subsequent odd pages

• Repeat on subsequent even pages

• Repeat on all subsequent pages

Here is an example:

This function gives you the opportunity to expand your personalized product offerings with playing cards and related gaming products. Your imagination is the only limitation on developing a unique new profit center, however for the purpose of instruction, a conventional deck of playing cards will be used in our example.

1. Begin by creating a 52 page document in your Desktop Publishing software, and export the document to Adobe Acrobat.

2. Open the Forms Wizard in Acrobat to add your Form Fields.

3. Form Fields for your document will be applied to the first page only. All subsequent pages will display the repeating image, text, or graphic that is entered into the field when the product is customized.

4. Upload the completed PDF template to Online Template Builder, and navigate to the Field Setup to configure the Form Fields. Our example contains only one field, “Image” and is set up as seen in the image below.

5. Select the Repeating Fields dropdown at the bottom of the formatting settings. For this example, the setting to repeat “On all subsequent pages” will be used.

No other settings are required to support this function. Remember to Save your work.

Testing your finished template. An image is uploaded to page 1 only.


The image below is the production PDF file output by Online Template Builder, it shows the image we uploaded to page one of the deck of cards has been repeated on all subsequent pages.

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