Go to Maintenance -> SupportĀ 

To join a meeting for DocketManager select the CSR from the drop down and click on the Join Meeting button

The Join.me meeting screen will appear. If the presenter has not started the meeting a message saying "Waiting for Presenter" will appear.

Once the meeting has started the screen below will appear.

Enter in your name and knock to join.

Once the presenter allows into the meeting you will see the screen shown by the presenter.

Next to zoom in or out click on the green circle with the magnifying glass and either slide the sliding bar at the top, or click on the full screen option or click on the Fit to browser icon.

To use the computer speaker and mic click on the phone icon.

Next click on the Call via internet and if this is the first time you will need to click on the download button. If you would like to call in using a phone then click on the Call by phone arrow and call the conference number or click on the world icon to find a local phone number. You will have to enter in the conference ID.

Next click on the download button and install the software.

To chat with everyone click on the message icon and enter in the text and click the enter key.

To char with a particular attendee then click on the black arrow and select the attendee.

To request the presenter role click on the icon with the person on it and click on the presenter icon.

To send a file click on the paper icon.

Click on the plus icon for meeting tools.

To email another attendee to join either click on the Copy viewer link to clipboard or click on the Send viewer link by email.