• Cut To - What to cut the Parent Size down to for printing
    • Cut Outs - How many Press Sheet can be cut out of a Parent Sheet


    • Flat Size - The size of the sheet laid flat.  Size of the job pre-fold.  For instance, a saddle-stitched booklet that has a finish size of 8.5x11 has a Flat Size of 11x17.
    • Finish Size - The size of the finished product


      • Lifts - Number of sheets that can be cut at one time.  This is specified at the stock level because force required to cut varies with sheets of different thicknesses and finishes.
      • Lots - The number of different sheets printed in this job.  For instance a wall calendar often has 6 or 7 lots.  12 months + a front and back cover = 14 impressions.  Printed two sided: 14 impressions divided by 2 = 7 lots for 1 Calendar.


      • Multipart - Used to denote the number of sheets per set in jobs with carbon copies (ie, forms with a white, yellow, and pink copy).


        • On - The number of Pieces that can be printed on a Press Sheet.  For instance, 24 business cards can be printed on a 12x18 sheet.
        • Overs - The number of extra sets to print.  These extra sets are used most frequently in following departments to set up other machinery like booklet makers and to give employees in other departments a buffer in the event that pieces get ruined (jams in folding or stitching equipment, missed numbering)


          • Parent Size - Size of the original sheets that will be used for printing job.  These sheets may or may not be cut before used for a job.  10 sheets of an 11x17 stock could be cut into 20 sheets of 8.5x11.
          • Post Cuts - Number of cuts it takes to cut the Run Size down to the Finish Size
          • Pre Cuts - Number of cuts it takes to cut the Parent Size down to the Run Size
          • Press Sheets - The number of Press Sheets that will be printed by the press


          • Quantity - Total number of final pieces paid for by the customer


            • Run Size - The size of the sheet that is printed by the press


            • Sheets - Total number of sheets needed to print the Quantity of pieces