Exporting Your Press Definitions from PrintSmith


Step      Action

  1.         Select {Reports}, then select {Report Writer}.

  2.         Select the New Report Wizard Icon.


  3.         Select {Press Definitions} from the Create Report From drop-down menu.

  4.         Place Check Marks next to the following headings:

    • Press Definitions: name
    • Press Definitions: machine id
    • Press Definitions: heads
    • Press Definitions: setup time
    • Press Definitions: addl head
    • Press Definitions: run
    • Press Definitions: press speed
    • Press Definitions: labor rate
    • Press Definitions: labor markup
    • Press Definitions: minimum time
    • Press Definitions: gripper edge
    • Press Definitions: plate charge
    • Press Definitions: wash rate
    • Press Definitions: wash minutes
    • Press Definitions: wash fountain
    • Press Definitions: max stock size


  5.         Ensure the name field size is reduced to an inch or less by placing your mouse on the end line and dragging it to the left.

  6.         Select {OK}.


  7.         Select the Page with Magnifying Glass icon to preview the Export. (5th icon in top tool bar)

  8.         Select {Windows, comma delimited} from the Export Format drop-down. 

  9.         Select {Export}.


 10.         Enter in a file name and select a location.


 11.         Select {Save}.