Exporting Your Contacts from PrintSmith


Step      Action

  1.         Select {Reports}, then select {Report Writer}


  2.         Select the New Report Wizard Icon.


  3.         Select {Contacts} from the Create Report From drop-down menu.

  4.          Place Check Marks next to the following headings:

    • Contacts: contact id
    • Contacts: cust acct
    • Contacts: cust record
    • Contacts: name
    • Contacts: phone
    • Contacts: fax
    • Contacts: phone 2
    • Contacts: phone 3
    • Contacts: phone 4
    • Contacts: job title 

  5.         Select {OK}.


  6.         Select the Page with Magnifying Glass icon to preview the Export. (5th icon in top tool bar) 


  7.         Select {Windows, comma delimited} from the Export Format drop-down. 


  9.         Select {Export}.


 10.         Enter in a file name and select a location.


 11.         Select {Save}.