The 'Lots' field has been renamed to 'Versions' and a field for 'Sheets', 'Pages' and 'Sets of' have been added.

Versions = the number of different sets of artworks

Sheets = the number of different sheets in one version (i.e. an 8 page booklet, has 2 sheets).  Note: This excludes multipart NCR forms as the is already covered on the stock

Pages = the number of pages, this is strictly informational (i.e.8 pages for an 8 page booklet, if the back page of the booklet was blank it could be a 7 page booklet)

Sets of = the number of repeating items in the set (i.e. 50 sheets in a pad, 25 sets of NCR in a book)

Overs will no longer be calculated and then multiplied by 'Lots', they will be calculated on total press sheets.  If the Press waste chart is set to 'Calculate by Head', the system will calculate the the total overs with the flat rate and/or percentage and then multiply it by the number of plates.

i.e.  if you had an order for 100 4-page order forms (2 sheets double sided), one set in French, one in English, that was padded in sets of 25, then:            Versions = 2     Sheets = 2     Pages = 4     Sets of = 25

  Reorders and Templates will continue to work as they do today with the value in the former 'Lots' field; if you want to utilize the new fields you will have to move the value in 'Versions' to the appropriate field.

Don't forget to update the Department Item lock-to's with the new values, click here for help