Multiply by Lots has been changed to 'Price per Version'.

Do not price by Lots has been changed to 'Multi Version Discount'.

These options have been moved into a selection drop-down menu, rather than a 'True/False' option.

'Price per Version' will work as it does today with one correction, cost will not multiply versions.

'Price per Version' is used when you want to run two or more versions on one order to reduce costs and run time but do not want to give the client a reduced price based on the bulk run.  If this option is selected, the system will calculate the price to run 1 version and then will multiply it by the number of versions.

'Multi Version Pricing' will work as it does today. If you are pricing an item with Job Template Scales (not 'Calculate by Press''), you can give the client a reduced price for multiple versions but can markup it up so it falls between the lower rate of pricing it as 1 version and the value that would calculated if 'Price per Version' was used.

i.e. 250 business cards = $40, 500 = $60.00.  Markup = 2 lots is 15%

If using 'Charge per Version': 2 versions, 250 each = 2 x $40 = $80.  If running together with no mark up: 2 versions x 250 = $60.00 (500 price).  With 'Multi Version Pricing': 2 versions x 250 = $60.00 (500 price) + 15% = $69