We need the following information to get started on your tempates:

1. Packaged files (font, linked documents, native file)

2. Either a print PDF or a screen shot of what the layout looks like so we can make sure the native file displays correctly

3. Maximum information that’s to appear on the card. Eg. If they need a spot for cell:, phone:, direct: etc. It helps if they provide a card with the least information displaying as well as a card with the most information displaying. This way we can see how the text is supposed to act either way, align bottom/top etc.

4. Which elements need to be editable. i.e.  If they need a logo optional, or a shell card/background etc.

5. Which fields need to be optional  i.e. “direct:” disappears if not filled in

We have a form attached to help gather your data to send.

Send template info to nicole@docketmanager.ca