If you have purchased an Additional Support Package for Variable Template Creation, we require the following information to get started on your template(s):

  1. Packaged files (font, linked documents, native file)

  2. Either a print PDF or a screen shot of what the layout looks like so we can make sure the native file displays correctly

  3. Maximum information that’s to appear on the card. 
    Example: If you need a spot for cell:, phone:, direct: etc. It helps if you provide a card with the least information displaying as well as a card with the most information displaying. 
    This way we can see how the text is supposed to act either way, align bottom/top etc.

  4. Which elements need to be editable. i.e.  If they need a logo optional, or a shell card/background etc.

  5. Which fields need to be optional  i.e. “direct:” disappears if not filled in

Use the attached form to help gather your data.

Attach Packaged Files and completed Template Requirement Form to your support ticket.

Note: If you are interested in purchasing an Additional Support Package for Variable Template Creation please submit a ticket to our Support Desk and we will be happy to provide a quote.