The customer search screen can be used to locate an individual customer or to filter a list of customers for mailing or marketing purposes. 

Searching for a Customer

  1.      Select {CRM}. The page should open on the Customers tab.

  2.      The search criteria that can be used include:
Customer Name
Enter in the full or partial name of the customer in to the Name field.
Customer Number
Enter in the complete Customer Number.

Enter any or all digits of the Phone number

i.e. If you enter ‘5’, it will bring up all phone numbers that contain a 5. If you enter just the area code ‘519’, it will bring up all the phone numbers that have that area code. 

Enter in the full or partial Email address.


Select an option from one or both of the Assigned drop-down menus.

ZIP/Postal Code
Enter in the full or partial ZIP/Postal Code.
Select Country from the drop-down menu.
Select Region from the drop-down menu.
Select a letter from from the alpha box below Letter.

Note: As soon as a letter is selected, a search will be done bringing up all Customers whose name starts with the selected letter. Any other search fields with data entered will also be applied to the search.

Select one or more tags from the drop-down menu.

Note: Utilizing this search criteria will not filter results to find customers with all selected tags. If multiple tags are selected, search will include all customers with at least one of the selected tags.

Last Order Date
Select a Last Order Date using the pop-up calendar.
Customer Since
Select a Customer Since date using the pop-up calendar.

   3.      Once Search criteria has been entered, select {Search}. To clear all 

            search  criteria, select {Clear}.

Note: If there is a specific set of search criteria you use often, it's possible to save it in the form of a Smart List for future searches. (See Smart Lists)