Cutting - Creating New Cut Scales


This section allows you to enter setup and minimum cut prices to be applied to quotes and orders, as well as to reduce the cut price as the number of total cuts increases.

Cut prices per lift and lift sizes are set on each stock individually.  Cut prices can be overridden at a quote/order level but the number of lifts are calculated by the system.

Creating a New Cut Scale

Step    Action

  1.      Select {Settings} and then select {Cutting} under Dockets.

  2.      Select {Cut Scales} on the right-hand side of screen to auto scroll to Cut

           Scales section.

  3.      Select {New} under Cut Scales. A New Cut Scales modal will open.

  4.      Complete the fields.

Number of Cuts

Enter in the end quantity for the cuts

i.e. 1st Scale: 500
     (from 1 -500)
     2nd Scale: 1000
     (from 501 - 1000)

Enter in the percentage of the cut price you want to charge.

i.e.  1st Scale: 100 (charge 100% of the cut
       price for this range)
       2nd Scale: 90 (charge 90% of the cut
       price for this range)

  5.      Select {Save}. A results window will pop up to indicate the entry has been

           successfully saved.

Watch Adding a Cut Scale