These defaults will apply unless the customer or online settings have default values already designated.

Note: Tags and statuses will be applied in addition to those already set on the customer or in online settings.

Step      Action

  1.      Select {Settings} and then select {General} under Dockets.

  2. Complete fields for any quote/order defaults.

New Customer DefaultsDefault set to Default Customer. The drop-down can be used to select a different default customer profile. These defaults will be applied each time a new customer is created.

For more information, see Customer - Adding Customer Defaults.
Default Order Customer
When creating an order, this customer will be assigned to the order/quote by default.
Order Statuses
Select some default Order Statuses from the drop-down. 

Order Tags
Select some Order Tags options from the drop-down
Default Handling Fee 
Select the Default Handling Fee type and then enter the handling fee value. This handling fee will be added to shipment/shippo pricing on an order if there is not a default handling fee value assigned to the customer or portal.

Note: The handling fee will not apply if a Ship Type is used on an order in place of a shipment.
Default Assigned To 

Select a Default Assigned To from the drop-down. Selecting value 'Logged In User' will direct all Assigned To references in the system to select the current logged in user.

Bill Estimated Graphic Time
Default set to No. Toggle switch to Yes to enable 'Bill Estimated Graphic Time' on all orders.
Graphic Rate
Select a Graphic Rate from the drop-down, if applicable.
Proof Approval Message 
Enter in the the default message you want to appear on the screen once the client has approved the proof.
Vertical/Horizontal GutterEnter in default value for Vertical/Horizontal Gutter.
Has Bleed default set to No. Toggle switch to Yes if default bleeds applicable.

Enter in default value for Top, Bottom, Left, and Right bleeds.
Imposition Center
Toggle switch to YES to set default to Imposition Center.
Item Statuses
Select some Items Statuses options from the drop-down.
Item Tags
Select some Item Tags options from the drop-down.

  3.      Select {Save}. A results window will pop up to indicate the defaults have been successfully saved.