Some stock attributes can be set to populate by default whenever a new stock is created.  This should make adding new stocks easier while maintaining consistency in their setup.

Cutting charges are calculated by the number of sheets that can fit in your cutter (Lift Size) and the Cut Price. These settings are specific to each stock in your system. 

By default Cut Cost is set at 0.25, Cut Price is 0.50 and Lift Size is set at 500 sheets.

Adjustments to these defaults can be made by navigating to Settings > Dockets > Stock.

If you are unsure of stock Lift Sizes a good starting point would be 500 sheets for text and 200 for cover weights.

Setting up Default Stock Attributes

Step    Action

  1.      Select {Settings} and then select {Stock} under Dockets. The page should

           open on the Stock Attributes tab.

  2.  Enter in all your defaults here that will be populated when you add a new stock.

Multi-PartDefault usually set to 1.
Cut CostEnter in your normal cost to cut. This is the cost per cut for a particular stock.

Cut Price

Enter in the amount you normally charge to cut. This is the price per cut for a particular stock.
Lift SizeThis is the size of lift that you can cut in your cutter so for example by default you could put 500 if you enter more paper stock or you could put 250 if you enter card stock.
Inventory WarningToggle switch to YES to activate Inventory Warning

All newly created stock will then have the Inventory Warning set to YES by default. This Inventory Warning  results in a pop-up warning of no stock and prevents posting on items with no stock to pull. 

  3.      Select {Save}. A results window will pop up to indicate the stock defaults have

          been successfully saved.