Production Search


Using the search filters on production can be used to locate a particular order or it can be used to find multiple orders with similar specs.  i.e. search all the orders going on the press with PMS 085 Red so you can run them together without having to do a wash up.


Searching Items on Production

The search criteria that can be used include:

Item Number
 Enter in the full or partial Item Number.
Item Name
 Enter in the full or partial Item Name.
Order Number
 Enter in the full or partial Order Number.
Order Name
 Enter in the full or partial Order Name.
 Select some Status options from the drop-down menu.
Customer Name
 Enter in the full or partial name of the customer in to the Customer Name field.
Customer  Number
 Enter in the complete Customer Number.
 Select some Tags options from the drop-down menu.
Press Group
 Select an option from Press Group drop-down menu.
 Select an option from Press drop-down menu. 
Stock Name
 Enter in the full or partial Stock Name.
Stock Weight
 Enter in the full or partial Stock Weight.
Stock Size
 Enter in the full Stock Size width and/or length.
Stock Color
 Enter in the full or partial Stock Color.
Stock Finish
 Enter in the full or partial Stock Finish.
 Enter in the full or partial Ink.
Department Item
 Enter in the full or partial Department Item.
 Select an option from Vendor drop-down menu.
Ship Type
 Select an option from Ship Type drop-down menu.
Sales Rep
 Select an option from Sales Rep drop-down menu.
 Select an option from CSR drop-down menu.
Graphic Artist
 Select an option from Graphic Artist drop-down menu.
Assigned To
 Select an option from Assigned drop-down menu.