Tasks are a way to set To Do's for yourself or for other active user's in the system.  Tasks can be generic or they can be assigned to orders, quote, items, customers, etc.  Any task assigned to an object will show on that object's page i.e. a task assigned to a customer will display on the customer's view page. To make sure all tasks are not lost/forgotten throughout the system, all of a user's incomplete tasks will show on their dashboard.

Editing a Task

Step    Action

  1.      Select {Settings} and then select {Tasks} under Communications.

  2.      Hover mouse over the name of task to be edited and select the pencil icon that

           appears on the right-hand side of the name. An Edit Task modal will open. 

  3.      Make required changes.

  4.      Select {Save}. A results window will pop up to indicate the task has been

           successfully saved.