The Inventory > Stock tab can be used: 

  • To search and locate a stock or group of stocks
  • To action a stock
  • To bulk action stock
  • To delete stock
  • To export a stock list

Note: Access to these functions will vary based on the user's security settings.

Searching Stock
The stock search can be used to to locate an individual stock or to filter a list of stocks.

Note: Clicking on the spyglass icon will toggle the search filter panel to hide or display.

Step     Action
 1.        Select {Inventory}. The page will open on the Stock tab. 


  •   Price column shows the lower quantity price scale (price per/price by).
  •   Price Updated column indicates the last time the price table was updated. 
  •   Last Used column indicates the most recent order date that the stock was used.


   2.     Complete the applicable search fields. It is not imperative to fill out all the fields at once. 

            When searching for a stock, start with one field (ie. “Supplier Name”) and then select the 

            stock from the list that appears.

           The search criteria that can be used include:

Stock Name
Enter in the full or partial Stock Name.
Supplier Name

Select Supplier option from the drop-down menu.

Note: If the Supplier that you are searching for doesn’t exist in the drop-down menu, a new supplier must be created. (See Supplier - Creating a New Supplier)
Supplier Code
Enter in the full or partial Supplier Code number. 
Select Weight option from the drop-down menu.  
Enter in a length, or width, or both.
Select Color option from the drop-down menu.
Select Finish option from the drop-down menu. 
Select one or more Tag(s) options from the drop-down menu.
Price By
Select Price By option from the drop-down menu.

 Note: Page will no longer automatically search when changing or editing text fields.

           It will automatically search when changing drop-down fields.

           Tip:  If you know the stock exists, but you can’t find it by supplier name, try searching  

                   another major field such as size or color. If the stock still cannot be located, it’s likely 

                   the stock doesn’t exist in your system. Add the new stock or duplicate the most similar 

                   stock and edit it. (See Stock - Adding New StockStock - Editing a Stock, or 

                   Stock - Duplicating Stock)

  3.      Once Search criteria has been entered, select {Search}. To clear all search

           criteria, select {Clear}.

Stock Actions  

To open the sub-action menu, click on the vertical ellipses for a stock and then select an action from the drop-down.

EditThis opens to Edit Stock modal for this stock. See Stock - Editing a Stock.
Add a NoteThis opens the New Note modal.
AdjustmentThis allows for a manual adjustment of inventory.

For information on Bulk Actions, see Stock - Bulk Actions.

For information on Exports, see Stock - Exporting Stocks.

For information on deleting a contact, see Stocks - Deleting a Stock.