To Navigate to Supplier - Supplier Contacts from the Dashboard:

Step     Action 

  1.       Select {Settings} and then select {Vendors/Suppliers} under Dockets section.

  2.       Hover the mouse over the name of a Supplier and select to open the supplier's edit 

            page. Contacts can then be setup from the edit page.

            Note:  Supplier contacts can only be added to an existing supplier. To add a supplier, see 

            Supplier - Creating a New Supplier.

Adding a Supplier Contact

Step     Action

  1.       Select {New} under Contacts on the Supplier edit page. A New Supplier Contact 

            page will open. 

  2.      Complete the General fields for the new supplier contact.   

  3     Select {Save}.


Note: Once the New Vendor Contact has been created, the option to add additional contact 

fields (e.g. mobile, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.) will become available. When adding a Facebook/Twitter/Instagram account, only the username is needed. You do not need to 

add www. or @ symbol.

e.g. Facebook account would only need to be entered as 'Username' not ''

Locations and Notes can also now be added. (See Vendor/Supplier - Contact Locations and 

Vendor/Supplier - Contact Notes

Editing a Supplier Contact

Step     Action

  1.       Hover the mouse over the name of address to be edited under Contacts on Supplier 

            view page and select the pencil icon that appears. A Supplier Contact edit page will open. 

  2.      Make required changes.

  3.      Select {Save}. 

Deleting a Supplier Contact

Step     Action

  1.       Select entries under Contacts to be deleted by checking the boxes on the left-hand side.

            All entries can be deleted by checking the box to the left of {New} under Contacts.

  2.       Select {Delete}. A window will pop-up to confirm selected items to be deleted.

  3.       Select {OK} to delete selected items.