Vendors - Creating a New Vendor


Vendors in the system are for outsourced purchases and work.  Default mark up tables can be set for each vendor to calculate by default when the vendor is added to an order.

Creating a New Vendor

Step    Action

 1.      Select {Settings} and then select {Vendors/Suppliers} under Dockets.

 2.      Select {New} under Vendors. A New Vendor page will open.


  3.  Complete the General fields.

Enter vendor Name.
 Phone Enter vendor Phone number.
 Fax Enter vendor Fax number.
 Email Enter vendor Email address.
 Website Enter vendor Website.
 Tags Select one or more Tags from the drop-down menu.
Note: These options can be modified. (See Customer-Tags)


  4.  Select {Save}. The page will now show the name of the new vendor.


         Note: The option to add additional vendor information will be available once 

         the General vendor information has been saved and the new vendor page 

         generated. (See Vendor-Locations, Vendor-ContactsVendor-Notes