Supplies are items that are required for a job but are not necessarily billed for. (i.e. Coil Bindings or Boxes)
These items can be associated to department items to create depletion records and track usage.

Using the search filters on supplies allows you to locate a particular supply or it can be used to find multiple supplies with similar specs.

Searching Supplies

Step     Action
 1.         Select {Inventory} and then select the Supplies tab.


 2.       The search criteria that can be used include:

Enter in the full or partial supplies Name.

Select a Supplier from the drop-down menu.

Note: These options can be modified. (See Dockets-Supplier)
Supplier Code
Enter in the full or partial Supplier Code.

  3.      Once Search criteria has been entered, select {Search}. To clear all search

           criteria, select {Clear}.