Supplies are items that are required for a job but are not necessarily billed for. (i.e. Coil Bindings or Boxes)

These items can be associated to department items to create depletion records and track usage.

Editing Supplies

Step     Action

  1.      Select {Inventory} and then select the Supplies tab.

  2.      Hover mouse over the name of supplies to be edited and select the pencil icon           
           that appears on the right-hand side of the name.

          A Supplies View page will open. 

4. Make required changes.

 To Be EditedAction
ConfigurationSelect pencil icon to right of Supply name to open the Configuration page for editing.  

Make required changes and select {Save}.
NotesTo edit, add, or delete Notes. (See General-Notes)
Price Scales

To edit, add, or delete Price Scales. (See Supplies-Price Scales)