Financial Configuration

Select Settings > Accounting > Financial



Customer Start Number

Each customer in the database is assigned a number. The number entered in the field will be the Customer Start Number.

Order Start Number

Each order is assigned a number and this is the Order Start Number. This can be changed once your first order has been created but must be higher than the last order number entered into DocketManager.

Can Manually Enter Invoice Date

When set to Yes, the system will hold any date they enter. If nothing is entered, invoice date will default to to current date when posting.

Unpost Orders from Past Months
If set to Yes, allows orders to be unposted from past months. When set to No, orders posted prior to the current month are unable to be unposted. Please keep in mind enabling this feature could affect your previous months accounting totals.
Can Post into Previous Closeout Period
This setting is defaulted to No but can be toggled to Yes in case you forgot to Post orders that belong in the previous months closeout. Once the second closeout is performed it should be toggled back to No.
Check for Untracked GLsIf set to Yes the order will not post until all Untracked GLs related to the order and it's items are resolved.
Approved Total Warning

Set to Yes if you would like orders to have an approval total entered that matches the order's grand total before posting. Located beside the total on an order.

Accounting Program
Select an Accounting Program option from the drop-down menu.
Shipping Taxable
Set to Yes if you would like shipping to be taxable. 
Postage Taxable
Set to Yes if you would like postage to be taxable.