Department Items - Editing a Department



Departments Items can be used to add additional charges to a job. They can be graphics, finishing, misc charges, etc. Items can be priced by time and/or piece, linked to supplies for depletions, and tracked with timers.

Editing a Department Item

Step     Action

  1.      Select {Settings} and then select {Department Items} under DocketsThe

           page should open on the Search tab.

  2.      Hover mouse over the name of department item to be edited. A pencil icon will
           appear on the right-hand side of the name. Select the pencil icon.


           A Department Items edit page will open.

  3.      Make required changes.

To Be Edited



To edit, add, or delete Configuration(See Department Items-Configuration)


To edit, add, or delete Production . (See Department Items-Production)
Cost Per Piece

To edit, add, or delete Cost Per Piece .  (See Department Items-Cost Per Piece) 
Cost Per Hour
To edit, add, or delete Cost Per Hour . (See Department Items-Cost Per Hour)
Price Per Piece
To edit, add, or delete Price Per Piece . (See Department Items-Price Per Piece )
Price Per Hour
 To edit, add, or delete Price Per Hour . (See Department Items-Price Per Hour )