Contacts - Creating a New Contact


In the contacts section under CRM, the contacts of a company can be added to an existing customer in DocketManager. Contacts are the only point of contact in DocketManager, all communications sent through DocketManager are only accessible if there is an available contact with an email address.
Contacts can have their own locations so, when selected for a quote or order, the system will check if the contact has a default location prior to falling back to what is set on the customer.

Contacts can be accessed from: 

A) The Contacts tab under CRM

B) The Customer View page

C) Hovering mouse over New on top navigation bar and selecting {Contact} from the drop-down. This opens the New Contact modal.

Step     Action

  1.       Select {New} under Contacts. A New Contact modal will open.

  2.      Complete the General fields.

Enter the contact's Name.
Enter the contact's Title.
Select Customer from the drop-down menu.

Note: These options can be modified. (See CRM-Customers)

Enter in the contact’s Phone number.
Enter contact Fax number.
Enter contact Email address.
Add NewSelect an option to define the type of contact information (ie. phone, mobile, website, facebook, etc) to be added and then complete the Contact Information field.
Select one or more Tags from the drop-down menu.

Note: These options can be modified. (See Customer-Tags)

Requires PODefault set to No. Toggle to Yes if PO required.
PO Character CountEnter value for PO Character Count.

Note: This field is only visible if Requires PO set to Yes.
An online order cannot be submitted without the correct number of PO characters.


General contact information can be saved by selecting {Save} at bottom right corner of the modal window. A Contact view page will open. The page will now show the name of the new contact.

Note: Additional Contact sections can also be completed from the New Contact modal before saving.

(See Contact-Locations and Contact-Online Ordering)

After saving Contact modal, stored credit card profiles can be added on the Contact view page. See Contacts-Financial.