To navigate to the customer goods view page:

Step     Action

  1.       Select {Inventory} and then select the Customer Goods tab.

  2.       Hover mouse over the name of Customer Goods to be edited and select the View icon 

            that appears on the right-hand side of the name. The Customer Goods view page will open.

The Customer Goods View page is divided into the following sections:


Customer Goods Name and Actions This shows the name of the customer good and an Actions drop-down for editing customer good.
Edit - Allows for Customer Goods modal to be edited.
Replenish - Allows for manual entry of customer good replenishment.

Note: The Replenish option is only available on a finished good or shell stock when it is first created. This allows for any on-hand stock to be manually entered. Once the initial replenishment is done, the option will no longer be available from the actions menu. The customer good can then be replenished using a replenishment template or by  manual entries will need to be done under inventory adjustment.

Customer Goods Information Boxes

These boxes provide general information about the selected customer good.

Quantity On Hand - shows all the customer goods on hand in the shop minus what has been pulled
Available - shows all the customer goods on hand in the shop minus what has been pulled and allocated
Total Value - shows the total value of selected customer goods on hand
Average Monthly Use - shows the average amount of selected customer good used monthly
This Year - shows the total amount of selected customer good used this year
Last Year - shows the total amount of selected customer good used last year
Customer Goods Details
This shows general details for the selected customer goods. 
To edit customer good details, select {Edit} from the Action's drop-down located to the right-hand side of customer goods name.
Depletion TemplatesThis shows any depletion templates associated with the selected customer good. There can be multiple depletion templates on a customer good. 

This shows any notes for the selected customer goods.
To edit, add, or delete Notes. (See General-Notes)

Monthly Usage

This shows the total amount of the selected stock used each month.

Back OrdersThis shows any items on back order.
This shows the inventory for this customer good. The + icon expands to see inventory received, manual adjustments, and orders that were used to replenish or deplete the customer good.
For information on replenishing or depleting customer goods, see Customer Goods-Replenishment or Customer Goods-Depletion.
For information on inventory adjustments, see Customer Goods-Inventory Adjustments.

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