The Quotes View page is divided into the following sections:


Quote Name and NumberThis shows the Quote Name and Number.
ActionsThis allows for the following actions to be taken on a Quote:
EditOpens the Quote Edit Modal.
Lost/Back to ActiveAllows for the quote to be marked as Lost. A lost quote can also be brought Back to Active.
Print Quote 
Generates a printed copy of the selected quote.
Email Quote 
Generates an email with an attachment for the selected quote.

Note: Once a Quote has been emailed, it will be viewable online and the 'Awaiting Approval' status will be added.
RequoteCreates a new quote from the existing selected quote.

Note: Requoting from a past quote will copy the customer details   identically into your new quote, even if those details have been   updated to something else in the CRM. 

For more information, see Quotes - Requotes.
Convert to OrderConverts the selected quote to an order.
Quote Information Boxes
These boxes provide general information about the selected quote.
Quote Date - shows date of quote.
Status - indicates the current status of the quote.
# of Items - shows the number of items in the quote.
Subtotal - shows the subtotal for the quote.
Taxes - shows the taxes for the quote.
Total - shows the total for the quote.
This shows all items for the selected Quote.
For more information, see Items - Items Table.
Customer DetailsThis shows general details for the quote and the customer including:
  • Type
  • Status
  • Previous/Converted Order# or Requoted Quote#
  • Customer on the quote
  • Contact on the quote
  • Receiver 
  • Sales Rep
  • CSR
  • Billing Address on the quote
  • Shipping Address on the wuote
  • Ship Type
  • Invoice Method
  • Terms
  • Tax Type
  • PO Number (if applicable)
This shows pricing details for the selected quote including :
  • Quote Date
  • Total 
  • Graphic
  • Discount
  • Shipping
  • Postage
  • Subtotal
  • Tax
  • Total
  • Approved Total

This shows any tasks for this quote.
For more information, see General - Tasks.

This shows any Files for this quote.
For more information, see 
General - Files

This shows any notes for this quote.
For more information, see General - Notes.
EntriesThis shows any entries for this order.
For more information, see 
Accounting - Entries.