Job Templates are used to prefill specifications on an item more quickly. It is a general base for setting up similar items and products. The templates can be setup with the most common or lowest base of specs and then they can be customized on the quote or order to fit the request. Job templates make it possible for new users to learn how to create and quote simple jobs without the help of an estimator.

Creating a New Job Template

Step     Action

  1.      Select {Settings} and then select {Job Templates} under Dockets.

  2.      Select {New} under Templates. A New Template page will open.

  3.      Complete the General fields.

NameEnter NameThis field refers to the Template Name for a specific set of similar templates. This name will appear as part of the job template name throughout the system.
  • Example: Flyer - 3.67 x 8.5
ActiveDefault set to No. Toggle switch to Yes if template is active.
Template GroupSelect a Template Group from the drop-down menu, or create a new one with the [+] button. Template Groups are a general way of categorizing and organizing your Job Templates.
  • Example: Flyers

Note: These options can be modified. (See Dockets - Template Groups)

Pricing MethodSelect a Pricing Method from the drop-down menu.
  • Standard pricing (basically works like gang pricing). When printing multiple versions, extra stock, press time and finishing for the additional versions is added.
  • Price Per Version will calculate the price to produce 1 version and then multiply it by the number of versions. 
  • Multi Version Discount uses a markup table from the job template to add to the standard pricing. 


  4.      Select {Save}. The page will now show the name of the new job template. 

Once the Job Template has been created, Multi Version Markup and Template Options can be added. Template Options are the individual templates with specifications for stock, press, imposition, etc. For more information, see Templates-Multi Version Markup and Template Options-General.

Note: The section to add template options will only be available once the General information has been saved and the new job template page is generated.