Bulk Actions are a selection of fields that can be used to quickly update information on one or more Customers without having to edit them individually. It also allows for quick updates to information without opening the Customer View page. The system will determine if a recalculation needs to be done based on the Bulk Actions tool being used and the fields that are being updated.

Step      Action

  1.        Select {CRM}. The page should open on the Customers tab.

  2.        Select entries under Customers to action by checking boxes on the left-hand

             side. You can action all entries by checking box to left of {New} under


  3.       Select {Bulk Actions}. A modal window will open.  

  4.      Complete the fields. The selection box on the left-hand side will automatically be checked when 

           the field is filled out. 


Quote Document
Graphic Artist
Tax Type 
Invoice Document
Sales Rep
Label Document
Credit Limit
Packing Slip Document
Ship Type
Commission Contact
Statement Document
Requires PO
General Email
Customer Tags*

Login Email
Default Order Tags

Quote Email
Default Order Statuses

Proof Email
Default Item Statuses

Invoice Email
Online Payment Options*
Online Ship Type Options
Shipping Email
Default Portals*
Grant Automatic Product Access
Statement Email
Online Role Access*

* Bulk Remove available for this item. To use Bulk Remove option, check Bulk Remove box on the 

   right-hand side of item name.


   Italicized fields are multi-select fields, allowing more than one option to be selected from drop-down.

  5.       Select {Save}. A results window will pop-up to indicate the selected customers

            have been updated.