Adding a Marketing Campaign Contact

Step     Action

  1.       In CRM, select the Marketing Campaigns tab and enter a Campaign to edit.

            Scroll to Contacts section.

  2.       Select {Add} under Contacts on the Marketing Campaign edit page. Select

            to add a {Single (Existing) Contact} or a {Contact List}. A corresponding      modal window will


Single (Existing) Contact Modal WindowContact List Modal Window


  3.      Select the contacts or contact list to be added.   

  4.      Select {Save}. A results window will pop-up to indicate the Contacts or Contact 

           List was successfully added.

Editing a Contact

Step     Action

  1.       Hover mouse over the name of address to be edited under Contacts. A pencil

            icon will appear on the right-hand side of the name. Select the pencil icon.

  2.     An Edit Marketing List Contact modal window will open.

  3.      Make required changes.

  4.      Select {Save}. A results window will pop-up to indicate the Contact saved 


Deleting a Contact
Step     Action

  1.      Select entries under Contacts to be deleted by checking boxes on the left-hand

           side. All entries can be deleted by checking box to left of {Add} under Contacts.  

  2.      Select {Delete}. A window will pop-up to confirm selected items to be deleted.

  3.      Select {OK} to delete selected items. A results window will pop-up to indicate

           the selected contacts have been deleted.

Exporting Contacts

Step     Action

  1.      Select {Export} under Contacts.

Note: You may need to confirm the file to be opened/saved before proceeding, 

depending on your web browser. A .csv file will open or be saved to your computer depending on your web browser. On PC/Mac the default file location is in your Downloads folder.


Note: Contact address on export file will fall back to customer's default billing address.