Deposits are a way to organize payments by time and/or type. If they are organized by both date and type, they can be matched to each deposit on your bank statement.

i.e. If you batch your credit card terminal each night, then you would create a new deposit each day for credit cards. The value of the credit card deposit in DocketManager would then match the credit card amount deposited in your bank. If you collect checks all week then take them to the bank at end of the week, each week you would create a new check deposit and those values will match the amount you take to the bank.

Step     Action

  1.      Select {Accounting} and then select the Deposits tab.

  2.       Hover mouse over the name of deposit to be edited. A pencil icon will appear on

             the right-hand side of the name. Select the pencil icon.

          A Deposit edit page will open.  

  3.      Make required changes.

To Be Edited
Deposit Details

To edit, add, or delete general Deposit Details. (See Deposits-Adding a New Deposit)

To edit, add, or delete Payments. (See Deposits-Payments)