Payments can be applied to one or more orders for full or partial amounts. A deposit on invoice (down payment on an unposted invoice) is processed like a regular payment but DocketManager can tell the difference when applying GL accounts.

Using the search filters allows for a particular payment to be located or it can be used to find multiple payments with similar specs. 

Searching Payments

Step     Action

  1.       Select {Accounting} then select the Payments tab. 

  2.       The search criteria that can be used include:



Select a preset date range from the Date field drop-down. Selecting {Custom Range} from the Date drop-down allows for a customized date range to be set using a pop-up calendar.
Customer Name
Enter in the full or partial Customer Name.
Deposit Code
Enter in the full or partial Deposit Code.
Select applicable deposit Types from the drop-down menu.
Reference Number
Enter in the full or partial Reference Number.
Amount Range Slider
Select a preset amount range by adjusting the Amount Range Slider.
Amount Range 

The Amount Range will automatically adjust based on the selection made using the Amount Range Slider.

  3.        Once Search criteria has been entered, select {Search}.  To clear all search

             criteria, select {Clear}.