Step     Action

  1.       Select {Accounting} then select the Commission tab. 

  2.      The search criteria that can be used include:



Commission Contact
Select a Commission Contact from the drop-down.

Commission Paid

Switch default set to No.

Note: This will filter the names of the commissioned contacts based on whether they have been paid for their sales/referrals or not. When a contact has been paid a commission, a new payment entry should be created for each payment made.

Select applicable Type from the drop-down.

Select Posted or Unposted from the drop-down. 

Posted DateSelect a Posted date from the drop-down.

Order Paid
Select Yes or No from drop-down.

Order Paid Date
Select an Order Paid Date from the drop-down.
Note: This option only appears if Order Paid set to Yes.
Payment Reference Number
Enter a full or partial commission Payment Reference Number.

Note: A payment reference number is not generated automatically for each new payment that is created, and must be manually entered.

  3.      Once Search criteria has been entered, select {Search}. To clear all search

           criteria, select {Clear}.