Job Templates - Bulk Actions


Bulk Actions are a selection of fields that can be used to quickly update information on one or more items without having to edit them individually. The system will determine if a recalculation needs to be done based on the Bulk Actions tool being used and the fields that are being updated.

Step      Action

  1.        Select {Settings} and then select {Job Templates} under Dockets.

  2.        Select entries under Templates to action by checking boxes on the left-hand

            side. You can action all entries by checking box to left of {New} under


  3.        Select {Bulk Actions} and then select an option from the drop-down menu.

   4.      Complete the fields.

Template Options

This allows for the Templates general and press options to be modified.


This allows for template Stocks to be modified.

Add Quantities

This allows for default quantities to be modified.


This allows for Notes to be added.

Add Department Items
This allows for Department Items to be added.

Remove Department Items
This allows for Department Items to be removed.

  5.       Select {Save}. A results window will pop-up to indicate the selected template

            options updated successfully.

  6.       Select X to close pop up results window.