Orders - Searching Orders

Step     Action
 1.        Select {Quotes/Orders}. The page should open on the Quotes/Orders tab.


  2.       The search criteria that can be used include:



 Order will be the default Type for search criteria.

Note: Type can be toggled to Quote, which will change search criteria. (See Quotes - Searching Quotes)
Order Number
Enter full Order Number.

Note: Contains only numbers. If you elect to change the numbering convention of your order numbers in the future (e.g: to begin at a specific higher number and to count from there), it's important to note that Order numbers follow the int32 structure and can only go up to a maximum order number 2,147,483,687. This is also the highest searchable number.
Order Name
Enter in the full or partial Order Name.

Customer Name
Enter in the full or partial Customer Name.

Customer Number

Enter in the full or partial Customer Number.

Contact Name
Enter in the full or partial Contact Name.


Select some Status options from the drop-down menu.

Note: Statuses are an easy way to visually identify what is occurring/has occurred on an order, at-a-glance, when you are searching. They appear as small colorful icons under the status column.
Select a Receiver option from the drop-down menu.

Sales Rep
Select a Sales Rep option from the drop-down menu.

Select a CSR option from the drop-down menu.

Order Date

Select an Order Date using the pop-up calendar.

Posted Date
Select a Posted Date using the pop-up calendar.

Payment Date
Select a Payment Date using the pop-up calendar.

PO Number
Enter in the full or partial PO Number.

Select some Tags options from the drop-down menu.

Note: Tags are great way to organize your orders for search purposes. You can create as many tags as you need and you can add them to any order or order item you might search for in the future. (See Tags - Creating a New Order Tag)
Has Balance
Select Yes or No if the order has a balance.

Select a range for the order Total by entering a value in the Low and High fields.

 3.        Once Search criteria has been entered, select {Search}. To clear all search

            criteria, select {Clear}.


Note: If there is a specific set of search criteria you use often, it's possible to save it in the 
form of a Smart List for future searches. (See Smart Lists)