To navigate to Production Details edit mode, see Items-Production Details Edit Mode.

Graphics - General

Step     Action

  1.      Enable Edit Mode. Complete or edit the applicable fields under Graphics tab.

File Name
Enter a File Name for the selected item.
Estimated Time
Enter an Estimated Time (Hours and Minutes).
Bill Estimated Graphic Time
Switch default set to No.
Graphic Rates
Select a Graphics Rate option from the drop-down menu.
To add, edit, or delete Graphic Rates. (See-Timer Rates)
Graphic Discount
Enter a value for the Graphic Discount percentage.



  2.      Select {Save} or {Save and View}. The Save and View option will save graphics details and 

           open the Order Item view page.


Proofs can be submitted to your customers for online approval, with status and feedback of proofs found directly within DocketManager.

To Add a Proof File

Step      Action

  1.         From the Order Item view page, select {New} under File. The Add File modal window will open,

  2.       Select {Choose File}. A modal window will open.


  3.      Locate file on computer to be imported and select {Open}. The file name will appear on the 

           right-hand side of the {Choose File} button.

  4.      Select Proof from the {File Type} drop-down menu.

 5.       Select {Save} option.

After adding the proof file, a Proof Record can be created.

Creating a Proof Record

Step     Action

  1.       Enable Edit Mode and select the Graphics tab. 

  2.       Select {New} under Proof. An Add Files modal will open.

  3.        Select proof file to be added by checking box to left-hand side of file Name

  4.        Select {Continue}. A pop-up window will confirm proof record added successfully. The proof 

             record will now appear in the proof table.

              A proof record can also be generated by creating a proof email. (See Orders - Proof Email)

             Note: Once the proof record has been created, the proof status auto changes to awaiting approval.


             If the customer approves the proof, it comes back approved on DocketManager.

            If the customer requires changes, they type comments/desired changes in the box. The customer response 

            comes back as  proof notes and status on DocketManager updates to indicate changes required.

            Extra Features:

            When client sends back a response the user who sent the proof gets an alert.

            To find out when the status was updated, go to the graphics tab of the item screen or on the production

            page with graphics view when hovering over proof color.

Once a proof record has been created, proof notes can be added and the proof status can be manually changed. See Orders-Proof Notes and Orders-Manually Changing Proof Status.