Items - Stock

Adding a Stock

Step      Action

  1.        In an order item that has been created from scratch, select the Stock tab.

  2.        Select {Add Stock}. An Add Stock modal window will open.

   Note: Price column shows the lower quantity price scale (price per/price by).

  Price Updated column indicates the last time the price table was updated. 

  Last Used column indicates the most recent order date that the stock was used. 

  3.      Select a stock by checking box on the left-hand side.

  4.      Select {Add}. A results window will pop-up to confirm stock added to item.          

           Note: Once a stock has been added, the stock details can be viewed by hovering mouse over the 

           stock name.

 The pencil icon to the right-hand side of stock name allows stock to be edited.

 The word bubble icon to the right-hand side of stock name allows stock name to be customized.

          The X icon to the right-hand side of stock name allows stock to be deleted. 

Adding or Editing Stock Details

Step     Action

  1.       Complete the applicable Stock Details fields on the Stock tab.

Note: Measurements will appear in imperial or metric depending on the Measurement Unit

settings. (See Configuration-Measurement Units)

Price By Carton
Toggle switch to Yes or No if item is Price By Carton.
Toggle switch to Yes or No if item is Outsourced.
Blank Stock
Toggle switch to Yes or No if item is Blank Stock. When set to Yes, the stock quote will be calculated based on the blank stock markup scales instead of printed markup scales.
Enter value for stock Cost.
Price Per
Enter the Price Per quantity for the stock.
Square/Linear Metres for Cost
Enter value for Square/Linear Metres for Cost
Square/Linear Metres for Price
Enter value for Square/Linear Metres for Price
Sheets for Cost
Enter the number of Sheets for Cost.
Sheets for Price
Enter the number of Sheets for Price.
Inventory Status
Select an Inventory Status option from the drop-down.
  • Unallocated - inventory has not been reserved and is available
  • Pulled - inventory has been set aside 
  • Allocated - inventory has been reserved for a specific purpose 
  • Requires Order - inventory is out of stock and needs to be ordered
Pre Cut Outs
Enter the number of sheets that will be created from one (1) parent sheet or simply enter 'Pre Cut To' and then use the imposition calculator
Pre Cut To
Enter the number of cuts required to change the parent size into the run size.
Run Size
Enter the dimensions of the sheet the press is going to print on.
Flat Size
Enter the dimensions of the sheet before folding.
Finish Size
Enter the dimensions of the finished printed work.
Enter the number of images on each sheet.
Enter the number of different images on each sheet.
Select {Imposition} to open the modal. Complete the fields or make changes as required.  
Note: If changes are made, hit 'Enter' key to see changes updated in the imposition image before saving.

There is an imposition image at the bottom of the modal. 

To print the Imposition Image:
1. Select {Print Imposition Image} in the bottom left-hand side corner of the modal. A new tab will open with an editable version of the image. The image can then be edited, downloaded, or printed.

Enter quantity of Overs, if applicable.
Generally Waste would be determined by the Press, but you can override that here.

  2.      Select {Save} option.

Note: If a validation message pops-up stating 'The parent imposition for item #_____ is invalid. Verify the stock size, run size, and Pre Cuts Out are correct,' there is an issue with values entered for stock size, pre cuts, run size, etc.  

ie. If the stock size is 54x1 and run size is 24x36, logically one cannot fit onto the other. 

The imposition markup will not work if this message appears and the discrepancy between stock/run size values should be addressed before proceeding.