Hot Folders are directories that are setup for each Press to send artwork files to as Orders are placed.

Note: The hot folder system only supports FTP connections. If you have a server with drop-box running, an FTP account can be setup to connect to the server’s drop-box folder. This effectively allows you to upload to drop-box using Hot-folder integration.

Adding Hot Folders

Step    Action

  1.      Select {Settings} and then select {Integrations} under Admin

           Select {Remote Connections} on the right-hand side to auto-scroll to remote connections 



   2.        Select {Add Connection}. The Hot Folders modal window will open.


   3.        Complete the fields.



FTP Credentials

FTP Credentials (Server, Port, Username and Password)

Note: The FTP should be explicit to the Hot Folders, but if it is universal than we will need the directory path. 

Path (Optional)

Enter a specific directory Path for each press.


    4.        Select {Save}. A pop-up results window will confirm Remote Connection saved. 

Once Hot Folders have been set up under integrations, you then add them to the presses you want to use them on.

Tip: There are multiple ways to setup folders for a press. 

  • You can just have one folder that all files for all presses go into. You set the same directory for each press.
  • In your main directory, you can have a folder for each press so their own files go into their own folders. On each press you would enter the path to each press folder.
  • If you have a press called digital and one offset but there are really 2 machines for each, you'll want to pick the folder you want per job. In this case, you'll set it up like above, where each press has its own folder but in those folders you'll have sub-folders. 

Once Hot folders are all set up you will get a hot folder button on the file table to drop files in the hot-folder.

To add Hot Folder to an Existing Press

Step      Action

  1.        Select {Settings} and then select Press under {Dockets}.

  2.        Hover mouse over name of Press to be edited and select the pencil icon that appears.

  3.        Toggle Hot Folder Enabled switch to {Yes}. The Hot Folder Directory field will appear 

             once Hot Folders have been enabled.

  4.        Enter path for Hot Folder Directory and select {Test Connection}. A pop-up results 

              window will confirm Remote Connection saved.

              Note: If a press has sub-folders (ie. The route path for the Press is Digital Color and that 

              folder then has sub-folders for Business Cards and Other), the route directory should be 

              for the press folder containing the sub-folders.

  5.       Select {Save}.


Hot Folders on an Order

When Hot Folders have been enabled on a Press, any orders setup on that that press will have Hot-folders on the press tab.

A Hot Folder option can be selected from the drop-down or a path can be directly entered in the text field.