Bulk Actions are a selection of fields that can be used to quickly update information on one or more items without having to edit them individually. The system will determine if a recalculation needs to be done based on the Bulk Actions tool being used and the fields that are being updated.

Step      Action

  1.        Select {CRM} and then select the Contacts tab.

  2.        Select entries under Contacts to action by checking boxes on the left-hand

             side. You can action all entries by checking box to left of {New} under



   3.        Select {Bulk Actions}. A modal window will open.



   4.      Complete the fields. The selection box on the left-hand side will automatically  

            be checked when the field is filled out.

            Below is a list of the all fields available on the Bulk Actions modal for Contacts:



Contact TagsRequires POCredit Card Processing Account
Online Ordering

Payment OptionsLanguageRole
Portal AccessDefault Portal
Budget AccessDefault BudgetBudget Required

   Bulk Remove is also available for some fields. To use Bulk Remove option, check Bulk Remove       box on the right-hand side of item name.

  5.       Select {Save}. A pop-up will indicate the selected contacts have been updated successfully.