An Action Menu is available on the Order Items and Production pages. To view the Action Menu, hover mouse over the vertical ellipses ( ⋮ ) on each record's very last column of the production or order item table. 

This menu allows the following actions to be taken:




This provides a snapshot summary of an items Order/Production details.

Pricing section includes details on how pricing is calculated.
Details section includes all customers demographic information and a summary of the order/items.
Production sections will vary based on item requirements. Each sections includes: due date, details for the specified stage of production, and any notes for each section.

This opens the Order Item edit page.

This opens the a Workorder modal with various workorder layouts. The workorder design will depend on the option selected

The workorder design will depend on the default option selected in DocumentsFor more information, see 
Documents - Creating a New Document
This allows for the item to be deleted. A window will pop-up for confirmation before an item is deleted.