Shipments - Creating a Shipment


Shipments can be used to create partial shipments or distributions. For each shipment, some or all of an item's quantity can be allocated to it. Shipping labels, invoices and packing slips can be printed for each shipment and will calculate quantities and prices appropriately.

Shipments can be used to create actual shipments and retrieve rates with live carriers via the Shippo integration. (See Integrations-Shippo)

Note: New Shipments can only be entered for orders. If you are working on a quote, the quote will have to be converted to an order before proceeding.

Creating a Shipment

Step     Action

  1.       From the Order view page, select {New} under Shipments. An Add Shipments modal will open.

  2.       Complete the fields.

Enter a Name for the shipment.
Ship Date

The default Ship Date will be the current date. The ship date can also be selected manually by clicking the Ship Date field and then selecting a date from the pop-up calendar.
Tracking Number
Enter a Tracking Number for the shipment.

Origin Location
The Origin Location will be the default location for the company. It can be edited by hovering the mouse over the Origin Location field and selecting the pencil icon.
Billling Location
The Billing Location will be the default billing location for the company. It can be edited by hovering the mouse over the Billing Location field and selecting the pencil icon.
Destination Location

The Destination Location default will be the ordering customer's shipping address. This address can be edited or a different shipping address can be manually entered by hovering the mouse over the Destination Location field and selecting the pencil icon.

Note: The Destination Location is designated as commercial by default.

To switch the Address Type to residential:
1. Hover mouse over Destination Location and select the pencil icon that appears. 
2. Click on the Address Type field and select Residential from the drop-down.
Shipment Notes
Enter any relevant Shipment Notes in this field.

This field allows the Parcels being shipped to be added. (See Shipments-Parcels)
Shipping is Taxable
Toggle switch to Yes or No depending on if Shipping is Taxable.

Tax Rate

Select all applicable Tax Rates.

Note: If applying Tax rate, make sure Shipping is Taxable toggle set to Yes.

For information on creating multiple shipments with different tax types, see Shipments - Applying Different Tax Types to Multiple Shipments
Enter shipping Cost.
Default Handling Fee
The Default Handling Fee will appear here. It can also be manually entered.

The Price will systemically calculate based on the shipping cost and handling fee.

  3.      Select {Get Rates} to obtain Shipping Rates or select {Save}. A results window will 

           pop-up to confirm Shipment saved successfully.