Alerts will appear at the top of the page. To view alerts, hover over the Bell icon on the upper right-hand side of the screen:

These alerts can include: 

Version Details and Release Notes
The alert details the current version of Docketmanager being run. A link is also provided for Release Notes on the latest version.
An alert is generated when a new task has been assigned to you. A link is provided for viewing the alert. When another user completes a task you have assigned to them, an alert is also generated.
Community Forum
An alert details community forum information.
Webinar Information
Information is provided for previous, current, and upcoming webinars. Links allow you to access missed webinars or sign up for upcoming webinars.
Failed Emails
An alert is generated when an email fails. A link is provided for viewing the failed email.

To dismiss an alert, select the green Checkmark icon on the right-hand side of the alert.