Groups are generally used for kits or multipart jobs. They have separate jobs and workorders for production but show as one item and one price to the client.

Items can be grouped from the Order/Quote view page.

Creating a new item group:

Step     Action

  1.       Select entries under Items to be grouped by checking boxes on the left-hand side. 

            All entries can be grouped by checking box to left of {New} under Items.  



  2.      Select {Group}. A New Item Group modal window will open.

  3.      Complete the fields.

Enter a name for the Item Group.
Enter a Description for the item group.
Enter a Quantity for the item group. All items will be updated to this quantity

Note: If left blank, each item in the group will retain it's existing quantity.
If an item is added after the group is created, the new item will not change to the group's primary quantity.

Groups online will only display the primary quantity and will update all items to be that same quantity.

Display Type
Select Primary or Summed from the drop-down.

Primary display's the primary item's quantity.

Note: The primary item is the first item in the group. Double arrow sort icon to left-hand side of item number can be used to sort items up or down.

Summed will add up all the items in the group and display that value. 

  4.      Select {Save}. A results window will pop up to indicate the order
items have grouped. The new group will be visible in the Items table.

Adding items to an existing group:

Step     Action

  1.       Select the group entry under Items and the additional items to be grouped by 

            checking boxes on the left-hand side. 


  2.      Select {Group}. The added items will join the grouped items on the table.

Note: When an item is added to an existing group, the item's quantity will not change to the group's primary quantity. Group edit or bulk actions can be used to update grouped items to be the same quantity. 

Editing Grouped Items

Step     Action

  1.       From the Order/Quote view page, select the hover over the group name and select the pencil 

            icon that appears on the right-hand side.

            An edit Item Group modal will open.

  2.      Make changes. 

           Note: If quantity is changed, all items will be updated with this quantity.

  3.      Select {Save}. A pop-up results window will confirm item group updated successfully.  

Ungrouping Items

Step     Action

  1.       From the Order/Quote view page, select items to be ungrouped by checking 

            boxes on the left-hand side. 

  2.       Select down arrow icon on right-hand side of group and select ungroup from 

            the drop-down. 

           A results window will pop-up to confirm order items have been ungrouped.