Shipments - Import


Shipments can be used to create partial shipments or distributions. For each shipment, some or all of an item's quantity can be allocated to it. Shipping labels, invoices and packing slips can be printed for each shipment and will calculate quantities and prices appropriately.

Shipments can be used to create actual shipments and retrieve rates with live carriers via the Shippo integration.

Shipments - Importing Shipments

Step     Action
  1.       Select {Import} under the Shipments section.

            A Shipment Import modal window will open.

  2.        Select {Choose File}. A File Upload modal window will open.

Note: For more information on creating your shipments file for import, 

refer to the Shipments CSV section below.

  3.       Locate file on computer to be imported and select {Open}. The name of the file to

            be imported will appear next to the {Choose File} button.

  4.       Select {Import}. A results window will pop-up to confirm the records imported successfully.

Shipments CSV

The following guidelines should be noted when creating your Shipments CSV file for import:

  • Each row in the csv will represent a shipping parcel with allocations.
  • Shipment Name will be used to find existing shipments.
  • If no match is found using Shipment Name, a new shipment will be created for that row.
  • When creating a shipment automatically set the Origin Location - follow same logic as today (Site Owner's Default Billing Address Name and Location).
  • Region and Country are case sensitive and must be an exact match to those entered in your Location Settings (See Locations)

Validation of the import file will fail if any of the following information is not correctly provided:

  • Shipment Date is set to a value in the past
  • Unable to find a matching Tax Rate
  • Billing or Destination Locations
  • Unable to find a matching region or country (Billing & Destination)
  • Parcel dimension (L, H, W)
  • Parcel mass units (not provided or unable to find a match)
  • Parcel dimension units (not provided or unable to find a match)
  • Parcel Order Item allocation is not provided
  • Order Item Number match could not be found