Step      Action

  1.        Select {CRM}. The page should open on the Customers tab.

  2.        Search for the desired customer and then select the View icon on the right-hand side of 

             the customer name. The Customer view page will open.

  3.        Select {View All} under the Orders section. The Order/Quotes search page will open 

             with all of the customers orders listed.  

             Note: Multiple Email/Print Invoices can also be generated by searching by Customer 

             Number on the Quotes/Orders tab. The page will refresh with all of the customers 

             orders listed.  

  4.       Select orders to action by checking boxes to left-hand side of Order#. Select {Invoice} and 

            then select Email or Print from the drop-down.


            Note: Invoices can only be emailed/printed on posted and unposted orders. An error will 

            generate if a voided order is included in selected orders.


             A Choose an Option modal will open. The first option on the left-hand side, the canned 

             email default, will be highlighted.

  5.       Click on an image for emailing or printing.

            The invoice icon appears when an invoice has been printed or emailed on an order. 

            Hovering mouse over the blue invoice icon will show the date the invoice was 


            Note: The invoice icon indicates that an invoice has been printed but does not impact the 

            invoice date on the details tab of the order. That invoice date field is based on when the order 

            is posted.