Occasionally DocketManager users will need to upgrade their Shippo API version to ensure the Shippo integration stays up to date and error free. Note: Alerts will be sent out when an update is required.

How to update your Shippo API Version using the Shippo Dashboard

Current Supported Shippo API Version - 2017-08-01

Step    Action

  1.      Navigate to your Shippo Dashboard and login.

  2.      Select {API} from the left navigation menu.

  3.      Locate the Versioning section of the page, and make note of the version displayed by the Your current API Version: label.

  4.      If the value displayed does not match our current supported version (indicated above), click the {Upgrade available} button.

  5.      A modal window will appear. Check off the {I am aware...} checkbox and click {Upgrade}.
           After refreshing the page, your current API Version should now reflect the version indicated above. If this is not the case please contact support.