Glossary of Terms


An active quote is still open and has not been converted to an order.


Inventory on the shelf has been requested for a job.

Individuals from a company.


An active quote that has been accepted by the customer and converted to an order.

A company that orders and quotes can be created for.


An item where payments are saved in.

Flat Size

The cut size of the item.

Finish Size

The final size of the item. (Note: If product is folded, the folded size is the Finish Size)


The number of lifts required to cut all the sheets.

Lift Size

The number of sheets that can be cut at one time.


A quote that was not accepted by the customer.

The number of sheets when in a set. (i.e. 3 part NCR)


Number of different images on each sheet.


Number of finished overs on top of order quantity.


Number of Pages in an item. (i.e. 20 page booklet is 20 pages)

Post Cuts

Number of cuts to go from Run Size to Flat Size.


Marking an invoice posted means the order is ready to invoice. Posted orders are locked from change and are included in AR and Sales values.

Pre Cut Outs

Number of sheets that will be created from one (1) parent sheet.

Pre Cuts

Number of cuts to go from Parent Size to Run Size.

Pre Cut To

Size the parent sheet is being cut to.

Price By Carton

Prices up to the nearest full carton. (based on package quantity on the stock)

Price Per

The quantity the stock cost is based on. (i.e. per 1000)


Inventory has been removed from the shelf for a job.

Run Size

The size of the sheet that will run through the printer.


Number of repeat artwork on a job. (i.e. 50 sheets for a pad, 31 sets of 3 part NCR)

Number of physical Sheets it takes to make one finished piece. (i.e. 20 page booklet is 5 sheets, 3 sheets corner stapled is 3 sheets)

Sheets for Cost

Amount of stock be used to calculate stock cost.

Sheets for Price

Amount of stock be used to calculate stock price.

A company that provides stocks and supplies used to create a job.

Units of Measure

Connects quantity and sets. (i.e. 500 Pads of 50)


The order is still in process or not invoiced.


Number of images on each sheet.

A company that provides outsourced work.


Number of items with the same specifications but different art. (i.e. 2 names for a business card, 2 brochures - 1 English and 1 French)


The order has been cancelled or voided.


Amount of extra sheets for setups and finishing processes.